Wowy Look what i found:

The Army is creating an experimental combat unit to develop new tactics for lethally fast-paced future battlefields. The Multi-Domain Task Force will be “a relatively small organization…1,500 or so troops,” the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, told the Future of Warfare conference here this morning. While small, it will have capabilities not found in the building block of today’s Army, the 4,000-strong brigade. “That organization will be capable of space, cyber, maritime, air, and ground warfare,” he said, extending its reach into all domains of military operations to support the Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

“It’s got a bunch of capabilities, and that’s what we’re going to play with to figure out what’s the right mix,” Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson, the deputy chief of staff for operations (G-3/5/7), told reporters at last week’s Association of the US Army conference. “It’s got some aviation. It’s got some maneuver. It’s got signal. It’s got cyber.” In English, that means it has helicopters, infantry and/or tanks, communications troops, and technical troops to protect (and perhaps attack) computer networks.

Nice idea… it looks like the DutchForce21 concept I am developing. But there are a lot of differences.

First of all While the US is developing this experimental unit they will find out that their goals and practical solutions won’t work. Why? Because their equipment, their weapon systems aren’t designed anymore to be self-sufficient, to operate dispersed. Mainly systems like the JSF need to be based on sophisticated airbases, which need lots of protection, equipment, defenses and other measures to protect the much to expensive bombers. Then there is the refueling, the rearming with special equipment, the need to test the stealth.


The way the US wants to fight their wars is with Hi-priced weapon systems (even against low cost opponents. (destroying a 10.000 Dollar drone with a 3 Million Dollar missile).  So practically they want to equip this multi domain force with the wrong (weapon)systems. If they want t do this, they need the DutchForce21 solutions toolbox.

We will offer:

  • GripenE; which can operate from unprepared runways and road strips, dispersed operating very near the fighting forces. The reserve materials, ammunition and fuel can be flown in by Hercules or even helicopter. Or just with simple trucks. This also degreases the dependence on Airborne tankers and other high value targets.
  • C130 Hercules (or equivalents) in several options; transport, tanker, AEW&C, EW and MPA Ground Fire Support (Harvest Hawk option) will take care of transport an logistics. This aircraft type can also operate very near the battlefield.
  • Helicopters: Well we all know their capabilities but let them also be as cheap to operate and serviceable in the field as possible. Yes we need the LSH, Apache (or newer cheaper replacement) Chinook and Cougar/Caracal and some special NH90 versions if needed.
  • We need some smart Air defense systems, with low logistical tails, not only the expensive Patriot batteries.. but very mobile and able to support even the most expeditionary operations.
  • A ground combat elelment consisting of a reinforced infantry battaljon or regiment whatever you call it. Infantry plus mobility enhancements and firesupport units… with.. yes again as much expeditionary fighting power as possible.. so NO PH2000 will be able to do this.. we need systems like the CEASAR 155mm or maybe even towed systems. I also prefer some 120mm NEMO mortar systems… which can also be used as direct fire support vehicles when they are armed with the LAHAT missile with a effective range of about 8 km. In this case they can double as tanks… without the very heavy machines to be flown in in great numbers.. (which they practically can’t … be flown in I mean..) Besides this we need more 35mm direct Fire support vehicles.. in my solution to do the best we can with the poor systems we have now… lets put this on the Fennek MRAT and Mortar variants… so they can be (re)armed with 35mm RCWS or LAHAT missile launchers on a RC-turret. Do the best we can with these poor machines. Together with the great reconnaissance vehicles of the same name they will make a great hunter – killer team.  Oh yes, I want include drones within this reconnaissance concept.. because in the end they will have a task which belongs here.. .and not in the air domain.
  • Then we need good expeditionary logistics. A concept with getting as much firepower – and direct fire support without over sizing the logistical system. What can be done green?

But, I say it again. I really believe the US Army and even the Marines aren’t able to form these kind of expeditionary units effectively because they don’t want to have the right equipment for that. Instead they make a smart idea – unsmart by putting loads and loads of expensive systems in it, which means behind every warfighter there will be the need of services, and logisitics which make it not capable of operating unnoticed and without high standard facilities like a hangar with temperature constantly on 15 degrees. 😊



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