Easter…. Expose the Evil!

Great article, about Jesus, just after Easter. It reminded me of the reason why I do what I do, and write what I write. It also reminds me on why I dislike and distrust current NATO and it’s lack of values and low moral standards. Having #Turkey as our “ally”.. And Jens Stoltenberg having the shameless habit to brag about #NATO women’s rights, and compare our great “democracy” with that of Russia…..

Shameful…. when I think about what NATO member Turkey is destroying in #Afrin – part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria…. With the (full) agreement of NATO (that’s us!) not true?

Who is sillent in the eyes of evil… Who brags about us being good, and them… Russia being bad… (First thing false / second thing correct!) no other word for it than shameful. In my previous posts: for example

Afrin: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (like NATO) to do nothing

In this one and previous blogs you can read about what the DFNS tries to achieve.

Returning to the reason I wrote this: Easter and being honest….. I agree and acknowledge this:

However, I do believe we are called to on the side of those who are marginalised and disadvantaged by a system designed to benefit those at the top. If we follow Jesus, we will stand with and for all who are left out, forgotten, abused and socially, economically and politically excluded – no matter the personal cost.

Following Jesus requires we love people not only with words, theology or charity but in costly solidarity and a determination to expose the evil of any ideology that pretends inequality, violence or exploitation are noble, natural or ordained by God.

The Easter weekend reminds us that we know how this will end. That those in whose favour the system is rigged will crucify those who threaten their power.

And then, one day, we will win.



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