Afrin: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (like NATO) to do nothing

Why only on BBC Arabic (London)? The west NATO Jens Stoltenberg #EU and many government leaders and their affiliated Mainstream media need to know this too….

Because it has been done by our #Ally #Turkey which claimed was fighting terrorists only and because #Attacks from #Afrin took place on large scale (claim: more then 700 attacks).

” The plundering was done collectively. The plundering in Afrin was worse than the Daesh [Isis/Isil] assaults… They devoured everything. I haven’t seen the regime, nor Daesh, nor the fighting factions, plundering public and private property the way the pro-Turkey ‘Syrian National Army’ did in Afrin. Not only for the loot, but out of hatred against the Kurds. ”

About the #Turkish claim of 700 attacks on their territory from #Afrin:

” BBC smashes Turkish fake news Turkey has claimed its invasion of Afrin was a response to “more than 700 attacks… against Turkish cities” from the majority-Kurdish region. But the BBC’s Reality Check team looked into this claim, and revealed that Turkey was significantly inflating any threat from Afrin.

Reality Check looked at public reports of attacks on Turkey using a number of sources, but could only find reports of 26 attacks from Syria between January 2017 and January 2018. And only 15 of these originated from Afrin. When the BBC asked the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) about its figures, it said that the 700 incidents mentioned were of “harassment fire”, i.e. “anything that does not directly target Turkey, but is felt as a side-effect of an ongoing incident or clashes in Syria”.

For much of 2017, meanwhile, Turkey was visibly gearing up to attack Afrin. And there were numerous alleged Turkish attacks on the region over the course of the year which reportedly killed dozens of civilians. In fact, among the cases of action against Turkey described by Reality Check were nine attacks on border posts “following the Turkish army’s air strikes in the region” – suggesting retaliation rather than offensive action.

In short, Turkey’s suggestion of constant, unprovoked attacks from Afrin appears to be nothing more than barefaced propaganda aimed at justifying an illegal invasion.”

But still where are our #EU #NATO and national leaders? How could our #NATO soldiers affiliate themselves with #Erdogan Turkish #Islamist Army? Because they do!

I end also this blog with a quote: credited to Edmund Burke (but there where others who used it / the same kind of meaning as well:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (like NATO) to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

Please, share, like and retweet this message as much as possible, use the hashtag #notmyNATO to force NATO leadership in another direction. For the sake of a free and democratic world, a free and democratic middle East…. and Europe!

Read the full article on the Canary:

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