2018: new years wish for the Free world (order)

Governments like the Netherlands one, from primeminister Mark Rutte, one who currently says they want to “normalize” relations with #Erdogan….. should also consider this… It will come back to us like a boomerang.  Just look the other way… As usual… For what? Economics?

Western governments tent to have only short term interests… Just like #NATO not safety, security and stability on the long term (eventually they say this is what they work for… How much of that do we actually see realized? ) … Goals they say they want to achieve seem only short sighted..

Now Russia is the medicine for the #NATO illness… It needs more money after consuming a lot of money and resources (war/defensive) potential in the wasteful wars fought in Afghanistan,  Iraq, Libya and many other (illegal) interventions like in Africa (drone killings by USA authorized by None less than Obama) so there is a need for an enemy!  Yes I know, Russia gives a lot of reason for it, but at the same time we see #NATO member #Turkey doing the same thing:

  • jailing journalists, professors, elected politicians,  #realturkishnato officers (starting in 2014 already) and anybody else,
  • Starting a civil war (murdering innocent civilians, against a #Kurdish minority and religious (Christians E.g.) minorities, just because the election results made a single party government possible..
  • Wait!!!!! even the neo liberal priority in “human rights” the LGBTIQ AND SO ON aren’t safe!!!
  • Giving refuge and financial, military support to IS and MB…
  • Many incursions in #EU member states #Greece and #Cyprus both sea an air.
  • Attacking neighboring countries #Iraq, #Syria and defacto state #Federation of Northern Syria: Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava the coalition ground forces Syrian Democratic Forces  which freed #Raqqa!  Even though at that time the where under attack by Turkey!

So what’s the value of values??  If you don’t use them?

I wish for the leadership of the “free” (western) world that they will work for the good of all, that 2018 will be a turning point in NATO’s development back to it’s original purpose: defending and protecting people!

Not achieving interests and goals of internationals and single countries like the US. Or even private interests of (former) ministers or generals seeking a higher (paid) job. Examples enough for that, our own Jaap de Hoop Scheffer…  Is a good one! (being a member of the g7 was the reason to fight above our weight in Afghanistan, Uruzgan province….our armed forces still feel the pain now….)

Happy new year!!

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