Short article about defense spending and the related failures we see in ALL countries: Germany

Well Here we can read an interesting article about the failures of modern day defense spending. Everything which is stated about Germany you can read the Netherlands, and many other European.  and lets not forget the United States as well.

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I have written some articles about this subject, and many of my critics are written in this article below as well. There is something completely wrong with these military organisations, their mindset and tunnel vision.

My special attention often goes to the big to stop failing Joint Strike Fighter program.

Unfortunately the article is completely in German.

Tanks do not shoot, airplanes do not fly, guns do not fire. The Bundeswehr seems only to buy botch. Why? BY 

For your information. the number of systems in the German inventory and how many are usable at the moment.

The standing army

Toe be completely honest, some of the issues are understandable. Fore example there are a lot of old aircraft and helicopters, like C160 and CH53, the latter is waiting renewal of the aircraft to keep it flyable. I do understand that there will be a lot less available for operations. But a lot of these problems shouldn’t exist.


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