Mr. Timmermans, your Human Rights policy document is totaly WRONG!

Because Mr. Timmermans leafs his position today as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he wil leave to become EU Vice President with the European Commission, It is very necesarry to repost this earlier blog again. I do hope the next MFA, (Disignate) Bert Koenders (Labour/PvdA) will change his policy on Human Rights directly!


Although we can give Minister of Foreign Affairs many credits for the (sometimes even personal) way he handles the MH17 case these days, I also want to point once more on his unfair and unjust policy document Human rights policy – Justice and respect for all

“Almost 75% of the worlds population lives in high levels of government restrictions on freedom of religion or belief.”

Download it here! And spread it around! Say Yes to Justice and Human Rights:

Yes to Human rights – ALL Human Rights/Human rights for ALL!

The Report.

To Download the Report, Please Click Here

APPG Report Cover

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on International Religious Freedom is pleased to release its first report that presents an overview of what freedom of religion and belief in international law, what forms its abuse around the world takes today, how the British government has engaged with the issue…

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