Back in business

It has been a long time now since I last wrote an article here on DutchForce21 blog. The reason for that was that I didn’t have time for it.

No time because the most important and beautiful thing happened in my live: I became father. And if you hold such a small and precious baby in your hands…. You see all the reasons in your hands why we (the Netherlands, Europeans) need a well balanced and correctly equipped armed force: because we need to protect what is most important: Our freedom, our children, beauty and loved ones. Not the things with financial worth that counts, no profit, no huge buildings (in itself) all those things are worthless if you don’t have people and children to benefit and taste the good things of live. In the time between, cleaning, sleeping and other parent things, I had some time to think about new subjects to write about. Besides that, many important things have happened lately. Some very good to hear (JSF problems) other things very bad (Downing of flight MH17) In the coming period I will post new blogs about some of these subjects.



    1. Ha Henk, fijn om van je te horen. Ik heb er weer zin in. Het eerstvolgende blog 9vandaag) zal gaan over de beloftes van de JSF. Het is meer een inleiding op een volgend artikel.

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