Because of Wilders…. Timmermans goes to Saudi Arabia… to defend…. free speech?

I think not! Free speech isn’t a priority anymore… our wallet is according to our minister president. In any issue he will point to his back-pocket (GT).

My previous article about the situation in Ukraine – but especially about Human Rights – in general is relevant now that the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs sends a top diplomat and possible even the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs will go to Saudi Arabia because of them wanting to boycott the Netherlands because of the ridiculous stickers of Geert Wilders (PVV). This is relevant because now it seems that this same minister isn’t acting according to his own policy note: Human rights policy – Justice and respect for all.

Human rights are the cornerstone of human dignity, freedom and development, and form the basis for open and free societies all over the world. There can be no democracy or rule of law if these rights are not promoted and protected. The Netherlands has a rich tradition of defending human rights, both at home and abroad. Doing so is a moral and legal obligation, besides which respect for human rights leads to a more stable and prosperous world, which also benefits the Netherlands.

We can see here that the priority “in theory” is promoting and defending freedom and human rights (for all) in turn this will bring a more stable and prosperous world, which also benefits the Netherlands. Now it seems that the wallet of the Minister President and thus of our country – TRADE – is more important than everything else. Even the proposed preference of LGBT rights above all other human rights are inferior to that! kind of funny isn’t it? The following sentence is a bit funny and very rude also:

Other areas in which the Netherlands maintains a strong profile – such as internet freedom and freedom of religion and belief − remain of undiminished importance.

Undiminished importance? Lets read my article again where I quoted the full chapter (3.6) on freedom of religion and belief:

3.6 Freedom of religion and belief

Three-quarters of the world population live in countries in which freedom of religion and belief is severely restricted by state or non-state actors. The Netherlands stands by the principle that every individual must have the freedom to express his or her identity, as informed by religious or other beliefs: this includes the right to hold theist, non-theist or atheist convicti­ons and the right to change one’s faith. The Netherlands champions the separation of church and state, and opposes any restrictions imposed on the rights of children, LGBT people or women in the name of religious or traditional values. The government holds fast to an inclusive approach to human rights, without the exclusion of any specific group. After all, human rights apply to all, and excluding a particular group can undermine the universality of human rights. (Editorial: Isn’t this a Contradictio in terminis?)

• In multilateral forums, the Netherlands seeks to promote freedom of religion and belief and opposes any action that could undermine it.

• The Netherlands pursues a bilateral enhanced policy focus in the sphere of freedom of religion in certain countries: China, Egypt, India and Kazakhstan (since 2009), and Armenia, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan and Sudan (since 2012)

This is the FULL Chapter on Freedom of religion and belief, page 35, a half page; compare it to the rest.

But this unfairness isn’t limited to Christians or other believers in let’s say Saudi Arabia. What about the rights of LGBT and women in general?

I wonder how it is possible that you never hear a point of critic from leftist liberals (and right) D66(Democrats), GL (Green left), VVD (Peoples party for Freedom and Democracy|(conservatives) and PvdA (Labour) about the rights of gay people in these kind countries… you never hear them about the rights of Christians or other peoples rights.. But the strange thing is that when we hear them criticising foreign governments about LGBT related issues it will be (sort of) Christian Countries like Russia, Uganda etc. Howe come they never “fight” the LGBT battle against certain Muslim countries?

Why this unfairness and “unequal” approach? Why not measuring with the same standards?

I think it’s very cheap of our minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans to quote the “Christian” Martin Luther King:

‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.’ Martin Luther King, Nobel Laureate and champion of the American civil rights movement.

And not acting accordingly! Our Minister… and all named political parties from leftist liberals (and right) D66(Democrats), GL (Green left), VVD (Peoples party for Freedom and Democracy|(conservatives) and PvdA (Labour) SHOULD and MUST ACT accordingly! Or don’t speak of any human right at all.

Just look at China for instance: While the Dutch minister of Defense Hennis (herself a outspoken LGBT voice and activist) made her visit to that country one of the largest churches in the Chinese coastal city of Wenzhou, an 85,000-square-foot edifice with soaring cathedral ceilings, stained glass and spires dominating the landscape, was demolished Monday on orders of Communist Party authorities.

Last one: Turkey! didn’t hear any of the named political parties being upset about this happening. even though these officers where colleagues of our own Generals and Colonels and the journalists of our own journalists..

Yes to Human rights – ALL Human Rights!

A prime-minister of Turkey who puts away an international well respected (NATO and EU collegues) military officer-corps of some 320 officers incl (retired) generals without a personal trial, based on unclear “proof” the same for critical Journalists in the same country… And yet we see our (LGBT-loving minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans saying wonderfull things about Turkey joining the EU.. and the fantastic progress it has made to reach “EU” standards…)



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