No strings attached?


The recent news about Russia’s handling of the Crimean crisis – The annexation of the Crimean peninsula, threats towards the rest of Ukraine and several other EU and NATO member states (with “Russian related minorities”) – looks like a well planned and easy executed plan.  Strangely enough just weeks after the fantastic and “joyful” Olympic games just a couple of km over the border… It almost looks like an enormous cover- up operation. Keeping the west busy, preoccupied mainly with the Antigay laws in Russia. But not so much with human rights in general, Howe come? LGBT and other Liberal western (US + EU) where trying to do their utmost to raise attention for their “personal” interest. LGBT propaganda

Double standards?
Here a fragment of Dutch television program the “world turns through” (DWDD) where Paul de Leeuw told that every Dutch person going to the Olympic games should (MUST) be against this and protest there! He said: “I want respect!” the next thing he did was: change the text of Y.M.C.A of the Village People into ‘It’s fun to stay at the I am so gay’. Followed by the number ‘I Want to break free’ from Queen. The third number was: Putin? Who the fuck is Putin?.. not really sounding respectful isn’t it?   In other countries we see the same things. Demanding respect.. While not respecting others or other opinions… but all related to LGBT…

According to available statistics, the most frequent victims of group-biased hate speech violence in the EU are the Catholic Church and its faithful. With this I do not refer to “normal” cases of theft or vandalism, but to incidents in which anti-Christian hatred is the primary motivation.

In many cases, the perpetrators of such crimes are self-styled women’s rights or gay rights activists. For them, such incidents are an easy way to gain public attention. The risk of criminal prosecution, let alone meaningful sanctions, appears to be very small. Besides the incident in Bologna, recent cases in the EU include the assault of gay rights activists against the Archbishop of Brussels and the desecration of a Church in Rome. In Latin America, similar incidents were recently reported fromSantiago de Chile and from the Argentinian cities of Buenos AiresLa PlataSan Juan del Cuyo andPosadas.

The answer to the question: “Putin? Who the fuck is Putin?” is very obvious: Putin is one hell of a chess player!


No to Violence!
Of course I’m against all forms of violence. Violence from Rusian government or anti gay organizations, against certain people (in this case LGBT) nor violence by LGBT protesters against other minded people like elderly priests….

What I am against is that some people tell “us” that one issue ((LGBT) is more important than others.. e.g.:

  1. Syrian refugee’s,
  2. Killing of Christians in Nigeria by Boko Haram,
  3. keeping North Korean people  imprisoned and brainwashed. (btw also killing people when they supposed to be Christians),
  4. Suppressing Kurdish people by Turkish government (isn’t that the same thing they say Israël is doing?)
  5. Turkey number two: unlawful annexation of Northern Cyprus.
  6. China: annexation and “using” Tibet… and several other area’s contested..
  7. China, again: Bullying and suppressing smaller ASEAN countries n the SE Chinese Sea?
  8. Attacking/invading of a sovereign nation (Ukraine)?

Yes to Human rights – ALL Human Rights!
A prime-minister of Turkey who puts away an international well respected (NATO and EU collegues) military officer-corps of some 320 officers incl (retired) generals without a personal trial, based on unclear “proof” the same for critical Journalists in the same country… And yet we see our (LGBT-loving minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans saying wonderfull things about Turkey joining the EU.. and the fantastic progress it has made to reach “EU” standards…)

The same minister Timmermans wrote a new Human Rights whitepaper to lay down a new Foreign Policy on Human Rights. All human rights used to be equally important but not for our FM Timmermans. No he prioritizes the rights of some over others. The title of the whitepaper therefore is strange to say the least: Human rights policy – Justice and respect for allJoel Voordewind MP of the Christian Union wrote an opinion article (GT) on this matter. I quote this fragment:

“The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion is probably the most precious of all human rights.” This statement is Arcot Krishnaswami, the UN Special Protractor on the prevention of discrimination and protection of minorities.

The Human Rights whitepaper of Minister Timmermans is thus at odds, as evidenced by the headline ” Freedom of religion is no longer a priority . ” According to the press release of the Minister, the protection of human rights defenders, those who stand up for the  rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and standing up for equal rights for women will be a priority. Freedom of religion is lacking in that list. The paper thus seems to suggest that you can shop within the whole catalog of human rights.

Just compare the ammount of attention in the document between LGBT, Women-rights, SRHR compared to : Freedom of religion and belief…while it looks to me that it is factual proven that there are far more people who suffer disrespect, mistreatment and even murder because they believe different that they supposed to believe.. and realy read the “chapter about this freedom of religion and belief… its more about having the right NOT to believe at all.. and look at the first sentence.. people are  severely restricted… well in fact people are killed for their believes, they are taken in prisson, they are murdered by their familymembers. Just ask Open Doors International and these are only prosecuted Christians, let alone all other beliefs..

3.6 Freedom of religion and belief

Three-quarters of the world population live in countries in which freedom of religion and belief is severely restricted by state or non-state actors. The Netherlands stands by the principle that every individual must have the freedom to express his or her identity, as informed by religious or other beliefs: this includes the right to hold theist, non-theist or atheist convicti­ons and the right to change one’s faith. The Netherlands champions the separation of church and state, and opposes any restrictions imposed on the rights of children, LGBT people or women in the name of religious or traditional values. The government holds fast to an inclusive approach to human rights, without the exclusion of any specific group. After all, human rights apply to all, and excluding a particular group can undermine the universality of human rights. (Editorial: Isn’t this a Contradictio in terminis?)

• In multilateral forums, the Netherlands seeks to promote freedom of religion and belief and opposes any action that could undermine it.

• The Netherlands pursues a bilateral enhanced policy focus in the sphere of freedom of religion in certain countries: China, Egypt, India and Kazakhstan (since 2009), and Armenia, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan and Sudan (since 2012)

This is the FULL Chapter on Freedom of religion and belief, page 35, a half page; compare it to the rest. Who wrote this paper? looks like. sponsored by…..!

Back to Ukraine
No-one was talking at that time about consequences of the Ukrainian political situation. That of course wasn’t in the interest of “us” the Western –thinking people… who now best.

  • Britain, with its London banking doesn’t realy want to blacklist Russian Maffia or friends of Putin now do they?

But he has tightened restrictions on critics, such as opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was put under house arrest and cut off from the internet shortly before the invasion.

Navalny, in a text smuggled out of his house and published in The New York Times on Wednesday, noted that 50,000 people protested against Putin’s military adventure in Moscow last weekend in the largest such event in recent times.

He said EU and US visa bans on some Russian officials and MPs are “mocked in Russia and even seen as a tacit encouragement to Mr Putin and his entourage.”

He urged the West to blacklist Putin’s oligarch allies instead, in what he called “the Kremlin mafia,” naming eight men: Gennady Timchenko; Arkady and Boris Rotenberg; Yuri Kovalchuk; Vladimir Yakunin; Roma Abramovich; Alisher Usmanov; Igor Sechin; and Alexey Miller. He described Kovalchuk, a financier, as “Mr Putin’s banker.”

He said the EU and US should also launch money-laundering investigations into their foreign assets. He noted that his NGO, the Anti-Corruption Foundation, has since 2011”revealed dozens of major cases of graft.”

But he added: “In 90 percent of those cases, Russian money was laundered in the West. Sadly, American, European Union and British law enforcement agencies have [so far] stymied our efforts to investigate such criminal plunder.”

  • The Netherlands and several other European countries really don’t want to upset Russia with financial boycotts – It can cost us our gas from GAZProm.. or even worse: We then must invest more in our own defense forces – But ofcourse our minister does propose (well propose isn’t the right word officialy they are against but our minister is actively lobying calling it  “discourage policy” this on:
    • Israël…for their “treatment” of Palestinians – Why not Turkey, for their treatment of Kurds, Armenians, occupation of Cyprus?
    • Uganda for their new Anti-gay laws…) Why? Because the cheap gas-buying governments don’t want to lose their shares in GAZProm now do they?
  • France doesn’t really want to lose a contract for 4 Mistral class ships who would buy them else? Italy and many other countries in Europe all have their own reasons.. why not to upset the Russians..


But of course our brave western leaders act with “believe” in there nobility … they restrict certain Russian citizens to visit western European countries and the United States. But other sanctions look very far away.

Can it get any worse?
Meanwhile it looks like China has stated support of the actions done by Russia.. and this is maybe one of the most terrifying results of NATU and EU lack of power and action… Lets hope this is n’t the case.

China can and will do the same thing as Russia has done.. only then in the South East Asian area of interest.. you know… where all the Sea Lines of Communication (SLOC) come together….and all our (Western) TV, chips, Cars, clothes, consumer goods, LRU are made…. (which we can’t make ourselves anymore… They (China) are building there fleet of Amphibious transport ships, their Air Defense destroyers and new modern developed Submarines. They also have a program for designing and buidling a number of aircraftcarriers besides the first “Training” Carrier Liaoning

Island claimes SouthEast Asia

Meanwile in Europe: Sleep tight …….America…

Meanwile in America: Sleep tight ….. Europe…

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